Kitesurf Catamaran Cruise – 10 best reasons

10 Reasons to Take a Kitesurf Catamaran Cruise

Mel Saunders – (will be adding more pics soon)

Kitesurfing is even more than simply a sport. It’s an opportunity to take a trip and find yourself immeresed in some of the most impressive landscapes worldwide. It’s the flexibility to connect with nature, and experience pristine beaches in a manner which stirs your spirit and also awakens your every sense. That’s why I just recently leapt at the chance to invest one wonderful kitesurfing week with Catalina Cruises, a kitesurf catamaran cruise sailing around the Whitsunday islands between Airlie and the Whitsundays.

The experience was exhilarating and an experience I would highly recommend.I would happily jump aboard once again. 

Here are the leading 10 reasons to jump aboard…

1. Stunning Kite Spots for All Levels of Kitesurfers

More than 74 islands are available in the Whitsunday group with stunning sandbars of butter smooth flat water. There are chains of many smaller islands which are possible to kite between. While Whitehaven beach is a prominent tourist spot, there are many more kitesurf places close by that are easily accessible by boat, a kitesurf catamaran cruise offers you accessibility to numerous levels of fun and variety of locations.

2. Wind, Sun and also plenty of Fun

If you travel to the Whitsundays during peak period, usually May to October, the wind * ought to be cranking. Every early morning in the Whitsundays, we had 30-degree sunshine and wind speed clocking 16-24 knots. All right there, from the bow of the Catalina.

3. Progression with the Safety of a Nearby Rescue Dinghy

Being aboard a boat indicates a rescue boat(tender) is always available when the unexpected happens. This helped to reduce my anxieties of kitesurfing in a new place. I felt positive and also comfortable that regardless of what happened, I was always secure with the watercraft close by.

4. Learning how to launch from the Boat.

Securely launching a kite from land can be difficult on occasion depending upon the location especially when space is limited, I experienced some fairly tight launches next to the lakes in Europe including one from partly under a bridge.On a watercraft, things may seem even more complicated which introduced me to numerous brand-new experiences. Learning how you can safely release a kite from a watercraft was high on my list of favourites.

5. Downwinders with the Catamaran

One magical gusty day, we released our kites from the watercraft and kitesurfed from the North end of Whitehaven and kited down to opposite the southern entrance of the Campground. The boat sailed with us, and also a few other kitesurfers played in the open ocean on our way down close to the passage, total freedom to venture where we wanted.

6. Boating Is Part of the Adventure

As kitesurfers, getting on the water is force of habit. Simply imagine the excitement of investing a morning sailing around the lovely Whitsunday islands in search of new kitesurfing places to launch from. Navigating to our next destination and learning from the skippers knowledge was always exciting, finding anchorage and also sussing out new kitesurfing conditions.

7. Afternoon Power Naps

Naps in between sessions become part of the daily regimen when you take a kitesurf catamaran cruise ship. It goes something like: consume, kite, consume, snooze, kite, consume, sleep, repeat. Yet when your napping quarters are essentially at the front door of your kite spot, and the sluggish rocking of the boat lulls you to rest; it’s all remarkable.

8. Every Meal Was Impeccably Delicious

At one factor on the kitesurf catamaran cruise, I could not make a decision whether we were appreciating the kitesurfing or cooking experience more. Great BBQ aboard and lots of yummy munchies prepared + a few beers and a little rum.My personal fave was the freshly-caught spanish mackerel barbequed to perfection, thanks to  our skipper.

9. New Friends Onboard

When you’re on a sailboat for a few days you can spend time to familiarise with the other guests and crew. We chatted concerning our sessions, gear, destinations, development, techniques, experiences, problems, and also chuckled plenty in between. I was very interested in the Hydro-foil kiting.

10. Exploring Remote Islands in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is attractive location with most destinations only obtainable by watercraft. Reaching those remote kitesurfing areas and exploring the untouched charm of remote islands is one of the very best reasons to enjoy a kitesurf catamaran cruise.

Also on no-wind days, treking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and playing with the camera drone make the experience unlike any other.

Cruising, sailing and Kitesurfing – What’s Your Experience Been Like?

This was my very first experience on a kitesurf catamaran cruise, which was organised by ‘BlownAway kite tours’. As a kiter and also seafarer, The skipper has been enjoying kitesurfing journeys aboard numerous craft since 2006. His experience goes a long way in making sure whatever adventure undertaken is well-planned and also guests are both happy and safe.

Nevertheless, there are many other ways to enjoy the Whitsundays including Bare Boat charters.

Drop us a line and also tell us if you’ve tried a kitesurf catamaran experience previously! Where did you go as well as what did you enjoy most?

More ahead on the Kitesurf Catamaran Cruise…

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Mel Saunders – Guest Blogger