Winter weather for Kitesurfing – Sunshine Coast

What DO kitesurfers do during the cooler months in Southern Queensland?

I’ve just had another conversation with a kite surfer from New Zealand as he is attempting to make a decision regarding whether to bring a kite to the ‘Sunny Coast’ in the month of May and what size.

I’ve been studying the weather on the coast for more than 25 years primarily because in the early days I was always looking for a hill to jump off with my paraglider.

I answered in an honest way as during the winter months the weather pattern can be less predictable, generally we have southerly winds blowing for a few days bringing with them a little precipitation, this can often be gusty and switch off quickly when out in the surf, followed by a few days of westerlies.
The southerly winds are cooler and more dense and with this it’s possible to have a few good intense sessions if you happen to be in the right place. Most of the tradies including myself would have our gear in the back of the rig and when cruising along the coast road make a decision to go for a quick ‘blast’.
There have been a couple of seasons where the winter season has been almost as consistent as summer – having said this it seems that everywhere I travel the weather is becoming less predictable.

The best idea to gauge wind is to look at LIVE wind readings – not necessarily the forecasting models as served up my many Apps and Widgets (windyty, seabreeze, weather zone,windfinder, windguru – to name a few)
Fortunately from Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast there are many such stations used by the BOM (bureau of Meteorology) or ‘bureau of Maybeology’ as I prefer to call it.
When I travel I am always looking for a live wind reading from an airport or yacht club.

This BOM link gives you the opportunity to observe LIVE wind readings from 14coastal weather stations with 72hour history.

For many years now I have traveled with the wind or snow – During the cooler months you will often find me in the tropical Whitsunday coast where a consistent trade wind blows 5-6 days of the week. OR enjoying the Mountains with a MTB.
I tend to move with the seasons of my adventure pastimes.

What do you do when you are unable to KITE?
There are many trips and destinations to be enjoyed, let us know some of your favourites.

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