Completed Kitesurfing Course – What’s Next?

What’s next?

WE at the Australian Kitesurfing Academy have always prided ourselves in going the ‘extra mile’ in helping potential kite surfers to develop and truly enjoy the potential of this great sport.
Unfortunately we have realised that a high percentage (recent survey completed) find the transition from completed course to Confident Kiter for some can be a challenging journey.

Confidence is the KEY

Once a course is completed, if correctly trained then a student is considered to be knowledgable with the gear and able to practice the new skills safely.

However, for many they feel they need a ‘little more’ time with an instructor on hand to increase that all important confidence.

At KITEOZ we continue to developed our training practice as we listen to the needs of the students – you guys help us develop a complete system.

We’ve recently introduced are Progression Session – Zero to Hero to address some of the ways in which we can help previous students develop there knowledge, skill and confidence in this fantastic sport.

Our MENtoring Session has been well received for many years, allowing all students of the Kitesurfing Academy to return and practice any day we are training – (confirmation/booking required)

What we offer?…as part of our ‘Frustration Free Zone’

  • Safe training ground and assistance with kite control trim setup.
  • All KITE and equipment hire at a 50% reduced rate (minimum 2hours)or BYO
  • One2one radio contact with our senior instructor/school manager
  • Skills audit/observation to determine ways to improve adjust technique.

At KITEOZ we are there to help, if you are determined then we are committed to helping your skills develop and connect with the kite world environment.

Frustration FREE Zone

We hope to achieve a ‘FRUSTRATION FREE ZONE’

We are developing a new 5day intensive program + accommodation at our Whitsunday Training school.

Would this be of interest to you?
Have you completed a course?

What would you have preferred/options after completion?

Let us know in the comments..

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