Progression Session – Intermediate


Frustration FREE zone where experienced senior AKA instructors guide you to where you wish to be. Controlling speed across the water, holding your edge to gain an upwind advantage, moving towards ‘breaking the seal’ of your first jumps.

Session time: 3hours



Progression session – Intermediate 3hr

This is the training sesssion for anyone who has been limited by time restraints or poor weather/location but is committed and passionate about wanting to gain the most from the sport.
Join the KITEOZ team and our senior AKA instructor as you develop your kite flying skills and experience the potential of this incredible sport.

Developed to meet the needs of students who have already completed a few hours with an instructor.

We use One2one radio contact and a unique combination of equipment to allow the student to evolve their skills in a safe shallow environment.

Up and away, and able to stay on the board long enough to give a “YES, I’ve got this”, smooth transition to the next level.

– Lesson price includes all kiting and safety equipment. We are also happy to teach you on your own kite and board!


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