Escape V7 Peter Lynn

Escape V7

The latest version of the Escape has arrived on our shores and promises to be the ultimate freestyle performance wing of this years line-up.
Incorporating the 4strut system design without the need for the centre strut pivot.

This 4strut design was first seen in the early years of Monkey Kites (Australian Brand) now known as Griffin Kites. At the time the concept was a simple idea to attempt to mimic the way in which a bird flys efficiently with a slight twist as it turns. The early kites were amazing, responsive and great fun to fly, unfortunately the canopy framing and cut of the panels made them prone to stretch which dramatically reduced there efficiency.
During this time Best Kites was experimenting with a similar idea by mixing Cuben/Dacron tips in there leading edge.
10years plus of R&D and we find ourselves with a few kites that can now deliver that incredible performance that the early ‘centre less strut’ designs allowed.

We welcome in the Escape V7 and look forward to throwing a few fast loops and carving turns of the lip.
Come and give it a GO, come along to the Australian Kitesurfing Academy for a demo and be inspired to push your riding to an all new level.

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