A-ctive Kitesurfing Lesson 2hr


Join the KITEOZ team.
Learn kitesurfing in a shallow safe environment with professional teachers.
Re-launching, body dragging, board retrieval and deep water self rescue + many more skills.



ACTIVE – 2 Hour Lesson
An excellent introduction to the world of Kiteboarding for any beginner.
We offer the most complete kitesurfing courses in Queensland.
Learn to set-up and control the kite as you move through the dynamic wind window.
Understand safety and the environment as you control the power to pull yourself through the water.

  • Included :
  • All training equipment supplied
  • One2one radio communication
  • Sun-block
  • Flexible lesson schedule
  • AKA qualified senior instructor (20 years experience)
  • FREE Wifi + HOT showers



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